Since inception in 1994, Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India has been successful in setting up cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions for numerous clients spanning a wide array of industries.

Hotels & Hospitality

We, at Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India, understand the importance given to ambience, aesthetics and guest comfort in the Luxury Hospitality industry. Creating a comfortable environment in critical locations, such as rooms, the lobby and other front desk areas, in-house restaurants and bars, banquet halls, conference rooms, and outdoor lounging and poolside areas is paramount to the overall experience. Our extremely efficient and robust indoor and outdoor cooling solutions have played an integral part in creating this experience.

Properties we have worked on include:
Taj Holiday Village, Goa | ICC Marriott, Pune | Rodas, Mumbai | Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur | St. Laurn, Pune | St. Laurn, Ahmedabad | Pride Hotel, Pune | Pride Hotel, Ahmedabad | Taj Varkala, Kerala | Royal Orchid, Bengaluru | Taj, Ahmedabad | Taj, Nashik

Relevant products:

Chiller (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) + TES Combos | Heat Pumps | Dual Screw Chillers | Kriscool Mini

Pharmaceutical & Processing Plants

Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India successfully applies mechanical, operational and chemical fundamentals when designing cooling solutions for plants and other factory premises. We supply highly efficient condensing, heating and cooling units which are power efficient and are designed for the optimum utilisation of water, energy and space. Equipped with two totally independent refrigeration and hydraulic circuits, they efficiently meet the critical and varied cooling, humidity control, and process cooling needs of different areas in the Pharmaceutical and Bulk Drug industry.

Plants we have worked on include:
Zydus Group, India | Cadilla, Ahmedabad | Cadilla, Jammu | Centaur Pharma, India | Colgate Palmolive, Baddi | Intas Pharma SEZ, Ahmedabad | Kilitch Drugs, Mumbai | Medgel, Pithampur

Relevant products:
Dual Screw Chillers | Chiller (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) + TES Combos | Heat Pumps

Luxury Residential Complexes & Villas

Fine living demands flawless execution of services and nothing but the highest quality of products. Keeping this in mind, we have developed and implemented solutions that are ideal for cooling and/or heating luxury homes and complexes; covering private as well as family spaces such as independent apartments, villas, basements, health clubs, recreational centres, etc. In particular, the Kriscool Mini expertly delivers non-stop cooling comfort with complete customisation to meet our clients’ individual preferences.

Luxury homes we have worked on include:
Dreamtime Projects, Gurgaon

Relevant products:
Kriscool Mini

In the Retail industry, the end consumer’s requirements play a pivotal role in key decision making. This is true for retailer’s decisions regarding what products to stock, how best to display them, and even what interior design elements will work to create a conducive shopping environment. In this regard, our product range offers retailers a large variety of interior heating and cooling solutions, all of which keep in mind our clients’ single minded focus – end customer satisfaction.

Retail stores we have worked on include:
Hypercity, Mumbai | Ishanya Mall, Pune | City Centre Mall, Nashik | Prozone Mall, Aurangabad

Relevant products:

Chiller (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) + TES Combos | Kriscool Mini


The value of human life in the medical field is priceless. Only with the right infrastructure, can a hospital’s critical on-going functionalities continue to operate smoothly. When working alongside healthcare providers, we customise our products in a way that they meet the specific needs of the installation site; be it to provide continuous regulation of air and water temperature, humidity, and air quality to operation theatres, recovery rooms, patient wards, testing labs and radiology centres, pantries, waiting areas and cafeterias, etc. Our solutions provide the added benefit of being extremely convenient, cost-effective and multi-functional (can generate hot water free of cost); and have displayed tremendous efficacy in providing NON-STOP cooling during power outages in highly critical areas (OTs, ICUs and treatment rooms).

Healthcare facilities we have worked on include:
Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai | Wockhardt Hospital, Aurangabad | Sahyadri Hospital, Pune

Relevant products:
Chiller (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) + TES Combos | Dual Screw Chillers | Heat Pumps | Kriscool Mini

Commercial Complexes & Office Buildings

In Commercial premises, a comfortable and pleasant ambience plays an important role in increasing employee satisfaction, which in turn increases overall productivity. Through our products, we help clients create such ideal working environments. The cooling solutions we provide carefully maintain and modulate air temperature 24×7. This feature is especially useful for offices located in areas which experience regular power shortages or outages. It is also possible to install our products phases-wise, in order to balance Capital Costs with Occupancy.

Premises we have worked on include:
NSE, Mumbai | BKC-30, Mumbai | Vipul Agora, Gurgaon | Vatika Triangle, Gurgaon | Inox, Indore | Orchid Square, Gurgaon | Raj Empire, Surat

Relevant products:
Chiller (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) + TES Combos | Kriscool Mini

IT Parks

Offices in IT Parks place a lot of emphasis on maintaining power supply in order to ensure the continuous safety of confidential data and maintain on-going smooth operations. Our power-efficient products and services help the IT sector in achieving this objective. Through our offerings, we are able to enhance the working environment of such properties by regulating the air and water temperatures in open work spaces, cafeterias, pantries, bathrooms, etc. Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India’s products have advanced zoning capabilities which ensure cooling according to individual preferences, while reducing Capital Costs (spending on Gensets and associated electrical devices).

Premises we have worked on include:
Tidal Park, Chennai | Cerebrum IT Park, Pune | Nirlon Knowledge Park, Mumbai

Relevant products:
Chiller (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) + TES Combos | Kriscool Mini

Banks & Airports

We have provided customised solutions to a number of key players in the Finance and Aviation sectors. Keeping in mind that clients of this nature operate in both peak and off-peak hours, and have certain high security areas that require specific and detailed modifications such as vaults and/or air control towers, our products are designed to deliver optimal ventilation control and temperature modulation in every space; including common waiting areas, manager cabins, bathrooms, security rooms, IT departments, first class lounges, etc.

Facilities we have worked on include:
BNP Paribas, Mumbai | Thane Janta Sahkari Bank, Mumbai | RBS, Gurgaon | Siam Reap International Airport, Cambodia

Relevant products:
Chiller (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) + TES Combos | Kriscool Mini