100th Sales Celebration_ Kristherm Mini heatpumpsKehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is proud to share the moment of 100th sales of our highly efficient mini heat pump. We reached the 100th mark in just two years.  Our complete Heating range ‘Kristherm’ is from 10 – 100 KW, the mini range is from 10 to 100 KW. We are thankful to all our mini HP clients and their positive referrals. The clientèle is across India, Tata international, Premier Inn, SL Raheja Hospital are some elite names of them.

A special thanks to our Managing Director and founder Mr. Deepak Kemkar, it’s his envision of this wonderful product. We are proud of our prompt sales and service team. Kristherm Heat Pumps are extremely energy efficient and can achieve COPs between 3-4, meaning they can produce 3-4kW of heat for every 1kW consumed. As no fossil fuels are directly burnt in the operation of a heat pump, CO2 emissions are also greatly reduced in comparison to gas or oil-fired boilers.

Leveraging decades of commercial water heating experience, Kritherm Heat Pumps deliver performance and reliability. Precision engineering allows Kristherm Heat Pumps to produce an endless supply of hot water to suit even the most demanding applications from restaurants to hotels to multifamily residences to schools and more conserving energy that can save thousands of rupees in capital, operational and life cycle costs, while providing redundancy and saving space.

With such great cialis prix response in two years we are confident that we will reach the mark of 500 in next two years.

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