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Christian Lenôtre is Engineer and graduate of Ecole Centrale, and started in research in thermal energy storage at the Centre Energétique et Procédés of Ecole des Mines Paris. Then he founded the company Cristopia Energy Systems to developed by him a unique technology of Thermal Energy storage by latent heat.

He set up Cristopia in France in 1982 and chaired Cristopia which become world leader in phase transition energy storage technology.  After developing the European countries, he manage a licence with Mitsubishi to transfer the technology to Japan, and this has been duplicated to South Korea. It can be noted that projects using Cristopia thermal energy storage technology have been for several Defense Ministry (France, Singapore, etc…)

Then in 1993 a first agreement has been signed with Kehems Engineering in India to establish a Joint Venture in India. In the same time Cristopia France has been integrated in Ciat Group one of the main manufacturers of chillers and AHU in Europe. This agreement has been extended to transfer the technology from Ciat for the chillers in this JV Cristopia Energy systems India Pvt, Ltd. Then he was Head of Asia Pacific and member of the Executive Committee of CIAT, European leader of heat exchanger and air conditioning systems.

Christian has been also President of the Technical Centre CARMA on advanced materials, located in Sophia Antipolis. He has had several additional responsibilities as Director of the French Cluster CAPENERGIES (working on energy without CO2 emission), and President of the Regional Cluster ARTEMIS and also Advisor for French Foreign Trade for the French Government.

Has an extensive experience in the fields of research on energy, international marketing and sales, engineering, manufacturing and management.

Christian is Director of Kehems Technology in India – Formerly Cristopia Energy Systems (I) Pvt Ltd.


DIRECTOR, Kehems Group