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Founded Kehems in 1998 – Mechanical Engineer by profession

To realize his dream of being an entrepreneur Mr. Deepak Kemkar with a degree in engineering, started manufacturing Fluid couplings and Fluid drives. After this he undertook development of wide range of products and systems successfully throughout his career such as:

  • Food Processing Machines, Potato, Vegetables Processing, Food and Shrimp Processing
  • Low Temperature Refrigeration Systems up to (-) 40°C, Steam Jet Refrigeration
  • Efficient Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Sea Water Desalination based on Efficient Waste Heat
  • Thermal Energy Storage System
  • State of art Screw and Scroll Chillers for HVAC
  • Screw Chillers for Low Temperatures
  • Water source and Air source Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid Solar Heat Pumps
  • Standalone Solar Lighting

And many more …


Managing Director, Kehems Group