Dual Screw Chillers

What is a Kriscool Dual Screw Chiller?

The Kriscool Dual Screw Chiller uses a Twin Screw Compressor which features a semi-hermetic motor and two independent refrigeration and hydraulic circuits; these circuits can be independently operated. This machine has been specially designed keeping in mind the varied process cooling and humidity control needs of the Pharmaceutical and Bulk Drug industry. The machine can simultaneously meet the different temperature needs of process cooling and/or area cooling. This in turn helps to improve overall energy efficiency. It is time-based and adjustable, and thereby proves to be operationally flexible.

This chiller is extremely eco-friendly. It utilises a minimal charge of HFC refrigerant, which is well within the approved and accepted international standards. The precision manufacturing of this product has been tested to the refrigerant leakage limit of 1 gm/year, and has surpassed prevailing global standards … making it the ideal leak-proof cooling solution.

The Kriscool range of Dual Screw Chillers is available in both, Air Cooled & Water Cooled variants, with a capacity range of 40 TR to 400 TR.


  • Total Models: 7
  • Capacity Range: 146 TR to 393 TR
  • COP: 6.32 – 6.39

  • Total Models: 17
  • Capacity Range: 137 TR to 450 TR
  • COP: 5.41 – 5.62

  • Total Models: 17
  • Capacity Range: 30 TR to 565 TR
  • COP: 3.09 – 3.11

It Comes Equipped With …

  • Two totally independent refrigeration and hydraulic circuits which can be independently operated in the Chiller Outlet Temperature range of +12 degrees C to -8 degrees C
  • Dual Set Point Control (through microprocessor) enabled for each circuit
  • Continuous Capacity Control
  • Compressor Running Hour Balancing
  • Pro-active Unload for High Discharge Pressure
  • Monthly, Weekly & Hourly Operation Scheduling Possibilities

Unique Features

  • Twin Screw Compressor

The Kriscool Dual Screw Chiller is equipped with the latest generation of screw compressors. These twin screw compressors, which feature a semi-hermetic motor, operate on totally independent refrigerant circuits.

  • Multiple Evaporators

Kriscool chillers are multiple circuit chillers equipped with multiple evaporators which help reduce the chilled water flow and pumping power, at reduced machine loads.

  • Advanced Electronic Expansion Valves

These chillers are equipped with advanced electronic expansion valves which ensure improved energy efficiency, precise temperature control and efficient and safe part load operation.

  • Intelligent Microprocessor-based Controls

Kriscool chillers are managed by the latest generation intelligent microprocessor-based controls which ensure fully co-ordinated and optimum operation at all conditions with unrivalled precision.

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