Kristherm Heat Pumps

What is a Kristherm Heat Pump?

The Kristherm Heat Pump is a microprocessor-controlled heating unit which can be used to provide hot water or room heating by transferring excess heat from one location to another. When combined with air-conditioning systems, it provides hot water without additional energy consumption. This unique dual functionality enables an extremely cost-effective solution which dramatically reduces the cost of hot water (e.g. heated swimming pools, etc.) by as much as 70% when compared to traditional boilers used primarily for hot water generation. This makes the Kristherm Heat Pump perfectly suited for industries such as Hospitality, Healthcare, and Processing … where both air-conditioning and hot water are required.

How It Helps

Lowers Operational CostsLowers Operational Costs

Kristherm Heat Pumps offer excellent overall COP and can reduce the Operational Cost of generating hot water by up to 70%.

Reduces Capital CostsReduces Capital Costs

With its dual functionality, the Kristherm Heat Pump provides hot water or warm air; and can easily be integrated into cooling systems. This extremely efficient solution reduces or eliminates the need for having separate heating units (for water or air) which in turn translates into lower Capital Costs.

Reduces PollutionReduces Pollution

By recovering heat rejection from its Condenser, this eco-friendly heating solution helps reduce Thermal Pollution.

Maintains Ecological EquilibriumMaintains Ecological Equilibrium

Utilising the Kristherm Heat Pump results in a significant reduction in levels of CO2 emissions, which in turn plays an important role in conserving the environment and maintaining the delicate ecological equilibrium.

How It Works

The Kriscool Heat Pump moves Thermal Energy from low temperature areas to high temperature areas. As it moves heat rather than creating it, the machine works out to be extremely efficient and economical. Thus making it an ideal energy efficient alternative to furnaces and other conventional heating devices.


  • Total Models: 12
  • Capacity Range: 100 KW to 800 KW
  • Heating KW/KW: 0.244 – 0.251
  • Operating Range:
    • Hot Water outlet up to 60°C
    • Chilled Water outlet up to – 8°C

  • Total Models: 8
  • Capacity Range: 32 KW to 145 KW
  • Heating KW/KW @ 50°C: 0.27 – 0.33
  • Operating Range:
    • Hot Water outlet up to 75°C
    • Chilled Water outlet up to 5°C

Unique Features

  • Twin Screw Compressor

Kristherm Heat Pumps are equipped with the latest generation twin screw compressors. These twin screw compressors, with a semi-hermetic motor, operate on totally independent refrigerant circuits.

  • Heating Temperature

When compared to the various competing heat pumps in the industry, the Kristherm Heat Pump operates at the highest temperature of 60º C during air and water heat generation. A fact that makes it the only one of its kind in the market today.

  • Evaporator

Kristherm Heat Pumps are designed using a Direct Expansion Shell and Tube Type Evaporator with optimised refrigerant charge to provide safe operation at highest efficiency.

  • Advanced Electronic Expansion Valves

These heat pumps are equipped with advanced Electronic Expansion Valves which ensure improved energy efficiency, precise temperature control, as well as efficient and safe part load operation.

  • Intelligent Control

Kristherm Heat Pumps are managed by Kris Control – Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ‘s latest generation intelligent microprocessor-based controls. This ensures fully co-ordinated and optimised operation in all conditions with unrivalled precision.

  • Extended Service Life

Kristherm Heat Pumps are fitted with various safety devices, such as Water Flow Control, Anti-freeze Protection, Phase Inversion Protection, Discharge Temperature Control, High & Low Pressure Protection and Anti-short Cycle … all of which protect the heat pump and increase its service life.

  • Energy Efficient

These heat pumps are designed to minimise Energy and Maintenance Costs, thereby resulting in unmatched Operational Cost Savings, year on year.