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Optimal energy management is imperative in today’s environment where there is a growing need to be eco-friendly and where energy costs run high. The Kehems’s TES system serves this very purpose as it applies the concept of energy storage to all types of air-conditioning, refrigeration and low-grade heating requirements, thereby enabling efficient Energy Management.

The TES is particularly well-adapted to industrial, commercial and residential air-conditioning and refrigeration requirements. Commonly used to supplement energy requirements for peak plant operational hours, the TES can also be utilised as an ideal backup system as it provides non-stop cooling during frequent power outage.

The TES system supports all types of cyclic loads and shifts the storing of ‘cooling’ or ‘heating’ energy to the periods when the plant would otherwise be shut down, or when energy costs are lower. This energy can later be used to supplement energy requirements during peak hours or can serve as a backup during a power failure.

The TES can help lower operating costs (higher operating efficiencies = lower energy costs), as well as lower initial Capital Costs by reducing the capacity of required chillers (plant design for running, rather than peak load). It is a flexible and reliable solution for a variety of air-conditioning and refrigeration requirements. By smoothing out the production of cooling energy, the TES gives you the power to optimise the use of electrical resources, and also protects the environment.