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Ms. Kshama Jain, second generation of founder and Managing Director Mr. D. K. Kemkar. She is a graduate in Economics from University of Essex, London, following an international management approach she started her career in Kehems Technologies from root level, i.e. servicing in 2001.  Since then she has actively worked in almost every department right from purchase to manufacturing. Her stint at company helped to hone her managerial and technical skills. In January 2014, she was promoted as CEO of the company.

Ms. Jain has steered the Kehems Technologies on an aggressive growth path both organically and in-organically. She sees to HVACs more than just providing comfort to customers. The central tenet of Kehems ideology – i.e. providing energy efficient products has been Jain’s passion and vision of providing products at competitive costs.

In her leisure time Ms. Jain likes to reading books and listening music. She loves to spend her time with her two daughters.



MD, Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.