Kristherm Heat Pumps works on the principle of nature renewable energy .Nature is one of the key resources that provide the foundations of our future. Renewable energy sources like air, water, and heat stored in the ground can be made available with modern advanced technology at any time. In our Heat Pumps heat is generated from the atmospheric air and transferred to water.

A Co-Efficient of Performance (COP) is a ratio of heat energy produced compared to electrical energy consumed by an appliance. The higher the COP, the less energy is consumed to produce the same amount of heat. A comparison of COPs shows that electric heating has a COP of 1; meaning for every 1kW of energy consumed only 1kW of heat is produced. Gas heating is even lower at 0.85, which means for every 1kW consumed only 0.85kW of useful heat is produced.

Kristherm_Working Principle
Kristherm Heat Pumps are extremely energy efficient and can achieve COPs between 3-4, meaning they can produce 3-4kW of heat for every 1kW consumed. As no fossil fuels are directly burnt in the operation of a heat pump, CO2 emissions are also greatly reduced in comparison to gas or oil-fired boilers.

Leveraging decades of commercial water heating experience, Kristherm Heat Pumps deliver performance and reliability. Precision engineering allows Kristherm Heat Pumps to produce an endless supply of hot water to suit even the most demanding applications from restaurants to hotels to multifamily residences to schools and more conserving energy that can save thousands of rupees in capital, operational and life cycle costs, while providing redundancy and saving space.

Kirstherm Mini Heat Pump System is one of the best engineering works from Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , manufacturer of World Class HVAC systems. To know more on this World Class Product , download complete product brochure at Technologies Pvt. Ltd._Kristherm_Mini-HP.pdf